Joel Millsjoel-sm

Vice President, In Unison Foundation

Co-Director of Education

Joel has 30 years of experience in film, satellite-television distribution, marketing, public relations, green technologies, and education.

Former positions include:

  • President’s Assistant: SYNSAT – Satellite Television Distribution Company
      Clients – ABC, NBC, CNN, Universal, Sony, Disney, Distribution for Live Aid, 5 Comic Relief Specials, Farm Aid I and II, and 6 Jerry Lewis Telethons
  • Partner, “Concerts for People’ – Nashville, TN
  • EVP of GTI: Delivered George Bush White House’s first videophone system
  • MTRW Director: California’s first state-wide videoconference network
  • Executive Director: POP ROX a 501(c)(3) non-profit, Peace through Music
  • International President: H.E.A.T./Pan Media Corp., a Beijing / US JV
  • President: American Academy of Arts: Visual and Digital Arts, Student Education
  • Chief Consultant: Hollywood Digital Arts China: Wuxi, China Studio
  • Event Co-Producer: First Beijing Olympics Media Symposium
  • United Way’s Agency Director: ‘Nashville Youth Center’
  • ‘The Flying Machine’ with Academy Award Winning Producer, Hugh Welchman: Brought film completion financing


  • Assistant Producer: “Sid the Science Kid- the Movie” Jim Henson Studios
  • Producer: ‘Life’s An Itch’ the movie – Romantic Comedy –
  • Co-Producer, TSD’s ‘Making of Stargate’ a MGM/Canal+ Property
  • Segment Producer: B InTune Television
  • President, WSG: 2d to 3d conversion work for films: “Conan II” and “Green Lantern”