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Extensive expertise in high end visual effects and animation for feature film

Founding Member of In Unison Games and In Unison Social Media.  He is Head of Digital and Director of Digital Puppetry Studio at Jim Henson Co. and VFX Supervisor for Sid The Science Kid, a Henson children’s television series for PBS.

Steffen has worked as a Visual Effects Supervisor and Producer for VFX’s for TV and film for over 20 years. Steffen was Digital Effects Supervisor for Centropolis Effects, which won the visual effects Academy Award for Independence Day. Other credits in lead supervisory positions include Godzilla for Sony Pictures Entertainment, The Faculty, Thirteenth Floor, Baby Geniuses 2, and academy award nominated Stuart Little.

Steffen’s passion is the creation of conscious films, TV, and games, thereby using the power of entertainment media to foster peace.