Community-Based Education

Real change happens when people work together to understand each other and work together to make their world a better place. Through community-based education and Peace Projects, In Unison helps individuals, neighborhoods, and communities to change their environment, work together, and create sustainable change.

The first step is empowering people through education. In Unison Education and Communities connect the as-built environment in our communities with formal education through community-based projects. Residents who want to transform their environment are supported through mentoring and resources. Students in the education program gain academic credit in a hybrid learning environment by learning as well as journaling, designing, building, sculpting, growing food, coding, creating art, and innovating ideas for these neighborhood projects. In the end, residents and students form the foundation of a larger community that creates these innovative spaces. In Unison classes are taught through a partnership with UCLA Extension, from a Transforming Your Community weekend boot camp to Environmental Design for Social Justice.



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Nearly four centuries ago Francis Bacon coined “knowledge is power,” further professing that “The dwarf that stands upon the shoulders of the giant, sees further than the giant.” Thus, each generation and its cumulative progress is built upon and stands upon the shoulders of the prior generation. Nowhere is the truth of such a statement and the advancement of individual, group, humanity, and society more evident than in the sphere of education. This being said, new models of education are needed for humanity to attain peace and prosperity, a healthy ecology, and a happier and more balanced society.

Peace Projects

Peace Projects are community led and driven, but supported by In Unison resources, mentors, and educational programs. Peace Projects embody the hopes and visions of residents for how their communities could be transformed to safer, more supportive environments. Ideas for community Peace Projects come from people like you and community groups. Ideas can be to create a community garden, put in a bike rack, create a storefront to beautify a block, build a solar wall to deliver energy, create a street mural, or build a meditation park. You become the project leader, supported by teachers, students, educators, and resources to help you make the change you are dreaming of.

City 311 and other government services are planned to be key partners to co-create these spaces. Identifying the communities where Peace Projects can be built involves a complex set of variables related to sustainability, cultural appropriateness, and local human potential. Virtualizing the change online through simulation leads to a robustly engineered and sustainable physical change in the community. Students taking In Unison classes in local schools or online contribute to projects locally or virtually around the world.

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Jeanne Holm, Director ,In Unison-Education and Communities

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