LA Trade Tech College

In Unison’s education program has been developed in partnership with instructors and courses from the Los Angeles Community College District. These courses focus on the transformation of structures in public spaces and architecture that empowers and enlivens communities.

More about LATTC

Los Angeles Trade Technical College (LATTC) provides students and community with high-quality academic, technical, and professional educational opportunities that

  • Meet their career development and academic goals
  • Foster a climate of life-long learning
  • Prepare our students to participate effectively in our society
  • Generate economic development with our educational, governmental, community and business partners.

LATTC works to be a global leader known for effectively incorporating leading-edge theories, proven educational practices, hands-on experiences, and technology into career technical and professional programs, as well as offerings for transfer students. LATTC serves groups as diverse as veterans (about 2,500) to people reintegrating into the communities from years they served in prison.

The LATTC Architecture Program provides state-approved Architecture and Environmental Design degree certificates, job placement, visualization, and design/mapping services. The Architecture and Environmental Design Discipline offers a 2 year degree program in Architecture Technology. The program has 100% transfer and job placement. It is a social mechanism that stimulates the sensory system, affecting the intellect and the desire to create by means of spatial languages and computer technologies. The program provides innovative templates to create spaces, objects, and solutions for local needs — with cutting-edge innovation in particular demand in the Los Angeles area — as well as the global market. The Architecture Program recognizes the untapped talent of visual thinkers in communities and provides them with a nurturing environment in which learning can happen in the context of doing. This program has an 8,000 square foot Green Studio with state-of-the-art geospatial and design technologies.