Tackling the never-ending workforce woes.

Two-Part Series:

1. Webinar, 1/31 @ 9am | Included in Free InUnison Membership

Live webinar with an on-demand recording available after.

We will be joined by local management consulting firm, Warren Whitney, to talk about an issue we are all too familiar with – the workforce. Now that we are seemingly starting to emerge from the pandemic, how have recruitment and retention changed? We will be joined by Janet Duncan and Tom Prest to discuss talent retention, recruiting, and compensation in a post-pandemic workforce.

2. In-Person Roundtable, 2/1 @ 9am | Upgrade to Basic or Premium to Register

Paid InUnison members have the exclusive opportunity to brainstorm and collaborate together the following day. Join us at the InUnison office for coffee as we collaborate over the never-ending workforce woes.