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Hi, Meredith. Thanks for the question! Congrats on the videos. My most important strategic advice is to think as broadly as you can about them. Those videos are marketing assets that can be deployed across lots of platforms. Here are a few thoughts:
– Put them on your website.
– Put a monitor in your store and have them run on a periodic loop.
– Send them in emails to your database of customers or prospects.
– Post them on YouTube, LinkedIn, Vimeo, or Twitter and invite your customers to follow you and check them out.
– Make them the first installment in a series of Bremo videos that give useful info and tips to your customers. Create a flow of interesting and helpful video content that’s cheap to produce and can provide a constant presence for Bremo.
– Create a Bremo blog that houses the videos and written content that’s helpful to your customers and can get your staff involved too.
– Test them as local advertising, or as part of a sponsorship package you buy through RVA TV stations.
– Re-purpose the copy to become radio or audio messages you can play in the store.

Don’t think of these videos as stand-alone assets. Think of them as catalysts for ideas that help you create a deeper relationship with your customers and prospects. Keep experimenting, testing, and seeing what works for you. Good luck!