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Hi Meredith!
Thanks for asking. I echo a ton of what Matt said…those videos can go in lots of places for your marketing. Just be creative about the where.

I am not sure if you have a YouTube channel, but YouTube can help your online search presence, especially if you plan on making a series of videos.
Each video can be loaded onto your YouTube channel with a robust title and description. Then you can link and embed those videos anywhere you can think of! (email signatures, a Resources page on your website, in a QR code on a printed mailing piece or brochure, as a bitly link on the business cards of any sales leads for those services).

As Matt alluded to, marketing is best done in a series to create the MOST impact. If you can even produce a short video once per quarter, or twice per year, in time you’ll have a nice library of your Subject Matter Expertise.

Best of luck and I hope you’ll come back to the thread and post where you’ve decided to post these videos or any new ones you create.