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Hello InUnison Community!
I’m Anne Poarch, Founder
of BASKET & BIKE. We are a bicycle tour and rental business providing leisurely bike excursions and picnic rides on the Virginia Capital Trail and in Richmond, and we have a retail shop on Shockoe Slip. Here you can hop on one of our classic bike tours, try out an electric bike, sample a Segway or a Trolley through partner, RVA on Wheels, to soak up the best of Richmond. That’s not all! We sell chic bike merch, including Nantucket bike baskets with hand made liners designed when I started this business, to encourage biking as a fashionable, and functional way of getting around the city. We encourage biking as a way to reduce short car trips, as a way to help the environment, and as a way to press pause for moments of reflection on who we are as a citizen of not only Virginia, but of our natural world. We give back $5 of every persons tour to local conservation groups. We are extremely proud of the partnerships we have made with local businesses and non profits to foster community, and I am excited to be joining InUnison and look forward to furthering that impact with your great model. As for local business must-have? I adore Apothec on Libbie Avenue, my personal favorite spot in Richmond for an oasis experience everytime I visit. Thank you InUnison! I look forward to meeting so many of you and have enjoyed reading the intros.
PS I’m also a writer and published poet so pardon that I am often challenged with brevity in the written word!