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I haven’t tried this, I used to automate the square feedback and people would use this but it wasn’t visible to public, just internal.

My issue is my POS integration, Square blocks the emails unless they sign up through me or I pay for the marketing platform. It might be time to look into this though, you can’t put a price on good reviews! I’ll definitely check this app out though to see if it can integrate, thanks Katie!

Lauren one thing I used to do too was to copy my feedback link on Google and periodically share on my social media so it was a click and leave review, super easy. I might do this as well and send to people who have signed up for my email list. They have to like us some if they want emails right? I think this also goes back to you get in the weeds as an owner and this went to the back burner. I don’t know if you’ve had luck with something like that?