Claes Nobel


Chairman, In Unison Foundation

A senior member of the Nobel Family, Claes Nobel is a native of Sweden and the great grand-nephew of industrialist Dr. Alfred Nobel, creator of the famed Nobel Prize.

Claes Nobel is the author of the Nobel Laureate Declaration On The Survival of Mankind and more recently The Global Declaration of Earth Ethics.

Mr. Nobel is the Chairman of the In Unison Foundation, an organization dedicated to promoting world peace, human unity, and environmental responsibility. His Earth Ethics curriculum is being developed for distribution to schools and universities throughout the world.

Mr. Nobel advises educators, scientists, economists, corporate leaders and entrepreneurs, policy makers, presidents and prime ministers, and has worked tirelessly for over 50 years to help the Earth and its people. Mr. Nobel was also designated as the Honorary Chairman of The Meeting of World Philosophers in Pune, India. It is said that Mr. Nobel embodies the very “spirit of world betterment.”

The esteemed members of UE’s Global Council are being selected for their important contributions, proven leadership skills and humanitarian activities.

A number of global dignitaries are being invited to:

  1. Join the IU Global Leadership Council
  2. Attend one of two biannual meetings
  3. Deliver a short, live or pre-taped 2-minute “Message of Peace” for IU’s Media Campaigns, Peace Music-Videos and TV Specials for both national and international audiences.
  4. Contribute one chapter each to the book, In Unison the Movement
  5. Propose one significant financial contribution to their favorite charity