Phone systems send phone calls over an Internet (protocol) connection. It’s called Voice Over IP. A VoIP voice quality issue for Virginia business owners is most national VoIP providers are located on the west coast, while Richmond is just 90 miles from “the center of the Internet” aka Ashburn, VA.

InfoTel Systems is an RVA-owned, company and a local VoIP provider. They’ve been keeping businesses connected since 1988.

The Center of the Internet

Seventy percent of the world’s internet traffic passes through the town of Ashburn in Loudoun County, Virginia, home to one of the world’s major internet exchanges. That’s why it’s known as Data Center Alley. The Silicon Valley of the east. The cloud capital of the world. The center of the Internet.

Pretty much any email sent or received anywhere around the globe, comes through this town. If you’ve got something stored in the cloud, it’s probably in one of the 100-plus data centers located in Loudoun County. read more from VOA News

Ashburn Virginia Center of the Internet

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Can You Hear Me?

Most phone audio quality issues are derived from the long distance from the providers. When you choose a provider that’s local, it can increase your phone’s audio quality. The architecture a local provider has will maintain a short voice path that is free of echo and sounds great. Plus when there are regional Internet outages, you won’t be affected – since you have a more direct connection.

VoIP Infrastructure

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