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Ellwood Thompson’s

Founded in 1989, we have been practicing the mantra of “nourish your body and soul” for 30 years and counting.

Organically finding our stride as a full-service neighborhood market and health store, we have established ourselves as the unofficial anchor of Carytown, a community shopping staple, and stewards of preserving the future of food.

Proudly showcasing local purveyors within 100 miles of the store, staying true to our core environmental values, we have earned the title as a trusted pinnacle of the local food movement.

Reading the labels so you don’t have to, we are committed to sourcing organic, non-GMO and local products, in addition to using environmentally friendly containers. We 86ed plastic bags in 2008, becoming the first grocery store in Richmond to stop asking “paper or plastic?”

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4 N. Thompson St