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ErickaJFitness / Ejuvenate Therapy Studio

"Stay Positive, Keep Your Mental & Emotional State of Mind Healthy."


Ericka Jackson, raised in Southern, CA, now resides in Richmond, VA. Her first love was dance and choreography. After retiring from her extensive dance career, she shifted her focus to health and fitness. Weight training became her therapy and newfound passion.
After becoming a mother, she decided that corporate America was no longer fitting. Ericka soon decided to become a Certified Trainer and Nutritionist. In 2013, Ericka J. Fitness was founded.
Ericka caters to all women with an emphasis on women's overall well-being, while introducing holistic health resources to her clientele.
In September 2018, she opened Ericka J. Fitness Studio on the east end of Richmond, VA. Ericka's focus is to reach all women, of any age, and to help transform their lives by focusing on the bigger picture of women's health issues and reaping the reward of a more fit body.

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