Happiness means balancing everything from social life, solo time to recharge, home cooking, eating out, dranks, nights out, nights in, fitness, and rest. But when it comes to venturing out, which she loves to do, she chooses to do it…locally! Not only is it important to support local from an economic perspective but also, your body appreciates things with less preservatives and seasonal food (ie. It’s more nutritious AND tastes better!) So let’s dive into a “week in the life” of Katie Brown, Real Food with Gratitude 

Guest blog by @RealFoodwithGratitude

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RVA Big Farmers Market
Ruff Canine Club
Enjoying the rooftops of RVA

You can find her anywhere from teaching barre classes at local clubs/taking yoga and barre classes at local boutique studios, boxing her heart out at 9round Boxing Gym, or walking the streets of the Fan with her Goldendoodle, Stella. Onto Saturday where she is either going to indulge in a boozy brunch with friends or head to the RVA BIG Farmers Market to grab some fresh seasonal produce + grabbing coffee & a bagel. You can also find her making her way through the breweries/local hang-out spots in Scotts Addition, on a rooftop drinking a cocktail, sipping wine on the Union Market patio, at Ruff Canine Club (the dog park bar), or eating out at one of her favorite Richmond restaurants!

One of her favorite ways to celebrate and support local is reveling in a Napoleon-style pizza that sources from farms nearby and sipping on a cirrus cocktail or RVA brewed beer, at one of the few pizza and beer places around the city, with people that lift her up (usually she will be with college friends, her brother or her boyfriend!) To her, that is pure happiness. However, the yin to her yang is a clean house with a home-cooked meal or grabbing To-Go food from one of her favorite to-go takeout spots.

One thing she is very passionate about is eating REAL food. To her, REAL food means less processed, as local as possible, and fresh. What’s better than FRESH Locally made bread? Her favorite places to grab a big loaf of sourdough or honey whole wheat are Montana Gold Bread, Ellwood Thompsons, Idle Hands Bread Company, or Flour Garden Bakery.

Now, let’s jump into the good stuff. WHERE can you find Katie Brown?!


Teaching a fitness class

RVA BIG Farmers Market (some of her favorite local vendors):


LOCAL LOVES (specific dishes from favorite spots):

Other local gems:

Chicken Salad lunch from Christopher Runaway Gourmet food cart
Chicken Nachos from Little Nickel
Duck Breast with Polenta and White Beans from Edo's Squid
Fish tacos from En Su Boca