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Where RVA neighborhood businesses work together.

InUnison Believes…

The uniqueness of our local, small businesses is integral to the uniqueness of our community.

Our Challenge…

These businesses face more competition and complex landscape today than ever before.

The Risk…

If we lose these local, independent businesses, we will lose the uniqueness and economic vibrancy of our community.

InUnison’s Role…

RVA needs these businesses, and InUnison is stepping up to take the lead in supporting them.

Join the Movement

We designed membership levels to be accessible for every independent business.

Once, all businesses were local.

Our families worked for them.
Our city supported them.
Our neighbors owned them.



Our communities were better for them.

We ran into each other…
at civic meetings, schools, and houses of worship.

When members of our community faced challenges

from illness, fires, storms, or economic hardships…

local businesses rushed in to help.

They made

each street
each neighborhood unique,
each city prosperous.

But the landscape has changed and made it harder for local business.

The emergence of “big boxes” and the proliferation of chain stores presented challenges,

but a new era of optimism is unfolding.

Although multinational conglomerates once dominated, there’s now a renewed focus on revitalizing main streets.

Instead of channeling our dollars to distant billionaire bank accounts, we’re redirecting our support to uplift our neighbors’ livelihoods.

While local businesses faced adversity without the necessary voice, scale, and resources,

there’s a growing movement to ensure their resilience and success.

Our community has faced challenges,

we’ve lost local institutions and with that we’ve lost some of our character and unique qualities.

However, we remain steadfast in championing our vibrant community and the businesses that make it special.

At InUnison, we rally the community to give independent Richmond Region businesses the

connections, resources, expertise, and advocacy

they need to compete and

We’re at the forefront of supporting local businesses.

Because we know…

when local businesses win, we all win.

Join the Movement

We designed membership levels to be accessible

financially and time-wise

for every independent business.