Starting now, we are all InUnison.

It’s a name that proves our collective power; an identity that reflects our unstoppable strength as a business community. The Retail Merchants Association is now InUnison, and when you join, you’ll gain new advantages ­– and a renewed sense of unity.

Becoming a member of InUnison will bring you:

  • A new flexible pricing structure that’s based on our products and services versus your number of employees
  • New benefits designed for the Richmond region’s independently owned businesses, including a learning lab, mentorship program, experts directory, community forums, and roundtables.
  • A collective voice through a dedicated group that advocates for Central Virginia’s local business community.

The new changes we’ve made in our association have been based on in-depth research with local businesses and the greater community through virtual communities, focus groups, interviews, and surveys. We welcome you and your company as we launch our reimagined organization – with all of us InUnison!

Kind Regards,

Nancy Thomas
President & CEO