January is a month filled with resolutions and goal setting, so why not use it as a time to focus on incorporating more local businesses into your life in 2022. It’s no secret that when you shop local you’re keeping more jobs and money (which translates to money for needed services) within the community. In fact, on average for every $1 spent at a local business, $0.67 stays local as opposed to $0.43 when you shop at a chain. Here are three tips for being loyal to local in 2022.

Start Small

Like most things in life, shopping local first is a conscious habit that may take some retraining. If you’re unsure how to get started, start small. When you need a gift, check local stores. When you only need a few items from the grocery store or pharmacy, pop into a local market so you start to learn what their offerings are without being overwhelmed with your full shopping list.

Check Online

Online shoppers can rejoice because it’s easier and more convenient than ever to support local through options like curbside pickup, local delivery, and an increasing number of e-commerce options from local retailers. But remember, small retailers often lack the manpower or time to post every item so if you don’t see what you’re looking for don’t be afraid to give them a call or shoot them a direct message.

Share Your Favorites

Whether you found a new favorite dish or a go-to for gift giving, share your personal experiences with your network of friends and family. Personal recommendations can often make all the difference – whether online or in person. On the flip side, these are challenging times for businesses so if you had a less than stellar experience, consider contacting the business directly and give them the opportunity to make it right before you put them on blast online for the world to see.