Website speed is an important component that can affect the functionality and optimization of your website.

Provided by Addison Clark.

Do you remember the last time you landed on a website that took a long time to load? You may even remember the exact website because it can be frustrating. Site speed is something the average person doesn’t think about until they have to wait one second too long for a site to load. Even companies sometimes underestimate the importance of site speed, pushing it to the back burner after a website is built. It’s time to give the website speed its due!

A slow site speed will negatively impact the user’s experience, leading to higher bounce rates and fewer conversions. Google places such high emphasis on site speed that they will even demote a site in search engine results if it takes too long to load. This can make it hard for potential consumers to even discover your website.¬†Google recently published an article about with four ways you can optimize the images on your website to improve site speed, but we want to go a step further.

Here are five ways you can increase site speed across the board:

1. Compress and resize images
2. Optimize your site for mobile devices
3. Revisit and adjust plugins, apps, and widgets
4. Enable caching
5. Choose a good hosting provider

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