Spring is often thought of as the season of hope and renewal. Flowers peek through the thawed out ground, people begin to emerge out of their homes where they’d been hiding from the harshness of winter. This spring, it seems, there’s another surge underfoot. The Great Return, as it’s been dubbed, represents a different type of renewal and emergence: a renewed call by companies to lure their employees out of their homes and back to the office.

As workers navigate, many reluctantly, back to the office, many for the first time in two full years, what will they find? Calendars still turned to March 2020? Dead plants? Ransacked supply cabinets? Locally-owned Richmond businesses are here to help ease the transition, from smart new wardrobes to phone systems that seamlessly transition from work to home for the hybrid workers.

The Looks

Nothing strikes fear in the hearts of so many quite like the age-old question: What am I going to wear? With 39% of Americans reporting weight gain during the pandemic, that question has taken on a new meaning with the realization that sweat pants and a blazer do not suitable office attire make. Franco’s Fine Clothier has been outfitting Richmonders for 50 years. From boardroom-worthy suits to office-approved casual polos and pullovers, Franco’s will help ease that closet anxiety.

The Goods

What’s an office without supplies? There’s just something about starting a workday with a crisp new pen and a fresh notebook so why not give the old supply closet a refresh. With more than 32,000 items available for next-day delivery, Ball Office Products has everything you need to help your employees start a new page, literally and figuratively. What’s more, for those businesses looking for a more extensive clean slate, Ball offers full-service design services, helping businesses transform their spaces into functional business environments.

The Printing

Anyone who’s watched a home printer painstakingly print out any document longer than a page or two knows the allure of the office printer. High capacity office printers leave those dinky home printers in the dust, zipping out page after glorious page in mere minutes, without depleting expensive print cartridges. Stone’s Office Equipment can make sure your office is ready to print when your staff returns with a variety of copiers, printers, postage meters, and more.

The Calls

If your office is one of the many embracing a hybrid work option, you’ll need a phone system that can seamlessly transition from desk phone to cell phone, depending on where the employee is working for the day. Infotel Systems can help set up a system that works best for your office no matter your needs.

The Boxed Lunches

The return to the office brings the return of in-person meetings- and the boxed lunch. From all-day training sessions to lengthy board meetings, the boxed lunches from Ukrop’s Homestyle Foods are an easy and delicious way to feed a crowd.