When we all join together, we can take on anything as businesspeople. That is the idea behind InUnison’s Roundtables. By being part of a small group of business leaders who meet on a focused topic, you can all use your collective experience and knowledge to solve problems, advise one another and become stronger as a whole.

About InUnison Roundtables

InUnison Roundtables are groups of three to five premium InUnison members who meet to solve one participant’s issue at a time. These groups are basically self-governed, but InUnison helps them form by matching members with like interests.

By joining in on a roundtable, you can:

  • Take part in open, confidential discussions about topics that align with today’s local business climate

  • Learn and share best practices

  • Build relationships with peers

  • Take time to hyper-focus on a single, important business issue

How often do Roundtables meet?

Members of each Roundtable commit to four bi-monthly meetings. Each meeting lasts an hour and a half.

How are topics selected?

Roundtable group members will agree as a whole to discuss one topic brought by one participant. The group will discuss that topic, and offer actionable solutions. At subsequent meetings, the group will start by following up on the previous topic and review actions taken or results seen. A new topic from the group will then be discussed, and the same pattern will be followed, allowing all group members to address their concerns. 

How can I ensure that what I say will be kept in confidence?

Each member of the Roundtable will be expected to sign a confidentiality agreement and understand there will be no solicitation to other Roundtable members.

What is InUnison’s role in the Roundtable?

An InUnison moderator will send calendar invites, reminders and follow-ups, and will review the general structure and confidentiality agreement fulfillment of the group. This moderator will not be part of the actual discussions.

For Premium Members

How do I get involved?