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Frequently Asked Questions

Get the answers you need about InUnison

Use the drop-downs below to review questions and answers about our organization.

Frequently Asked Questions

Get the answers you need about InUnison

Use the drop-downs below to review questions and answers about our organization.

Frequently Asked Questions2022-10-31T16:11:47-04:00
Who is InUnison?2022-03-18T17:57:08-04:00

InUnison is an organization dedicated to the success of locally owned, independent businesses in the Richmond region. With roots in the area’s Retail Merchants Association, our organization brings businesses together to learn, collaborate, be heard and advance as a whole.

Why the change from the Retail Merchants Association (RMA)?2022-03-18T18:01:51-04:00

Our organization has roots that are more than 100 years strong – but our name didn’t reflect the full scope of the businesses we support. While retailers are an important part of our community and a crucial local economic driver, so too are service industries and other locally owned businesses. Now, we are all InUnison!

What has changed – is it just a name change?2022-03-18T18:02:38-04:00

InUnison is a reimagination of our entire organization and its benefits. In 2019, the RMA knew change was necessary. We began evaluating our purpose, conducting research, and building a stronger foundation to support our local business community. As a result, we’ve become even more accessible, both in cost and in access to benefits. And our benefits align with what our business community wants – because they’re based on what you’ve told us.

What hasn’t changed in the rebrand?2022-03-18T18:02:57-04:00

We have a new name, a new model, and a new mission – but we’ll always be driven by our commitment to our local, independent business community.

Why should my business join?2022-03-18T18:03:24-04:00

You should join InUnison if you are part of a local business that:

  • Qualifies as a local, independent business
  • Believes in the collective power of businesses working together
  • Wants to be inspired by the work happening in our community
  • Needs access to trusted resources, and
  • Has an aspiration to advance your business
What will happen to Think. Shop. Buy. Local?2022-03-18T18:03:42-04:00

Think. Shop. Buy. Local is still a cornerstone of the work InUnison does – but it is evolving and taking on an exciting new form. Watch for details as our new vision comes to life!

Who can serve on the board?2022-03-21T15:43:02-04:00

InUnison’s board is made up of local, independent business owners who have been highly engaged in our organization and its mission. While we’re not currently building our board, there are many opportunities for engagement in InUnison. Please contact us to learn more.

How do I know if I qualify for membership?2022-03-18T18:05:11-04:00

To be a member, your business must be local and independent. Our definition of a local independent business is one that is established and licensed in the Richmond region and that operates independently from a franchise or national brand.

How much does membership cost?2023-07-28T14:03:03-04:00

We have three levels of membership: free, basic and premium, with costs ranging from $0 to $95 per month. See what’s included here.

Can I change my membership level?2022-03-18T18:06:00-04:00

Yes, with our flexible subscription model you can adjust your membership level to meet your needs throughout the year, if necessary.

What is included in the membership?2023-07-28T14:02:23-04:00

Your membership in InUnison includes benefits curated exclusively for members of the Richmond business community, including a Learning Lab, community and legislative forums, mentorship programs, an expert directory and roundtables. Each level of membership brings you more and more access to these benefits.  Learn more about the benefits of each level here.

How do I join?2023-07-28T14:01:09-04:00

Start here! Or, if you don’t qualify for membership but still want to help, please get in touch with us to get involved – and watch for more opportunities to support your community’s local businesses.

What are the key benefits of membership?2022-03-18T18:08:45-04:00

As a member, you’ll gain inspiration from leaders, and have opportunities to connect, access to trusted experts, and a chance to have your voice heard as a member of the business community.

How do I access the Learning Lab?2022-03-18T18:09:10-04:00

Click here to access the Learning Lab. Please note, if you have a higher level of membership, you’ll have the ability to unlock more content.

Who can serve as a mentor?2022-03-18T18:09:29-04:00

Our mentors have completed an application process and have agreed to the terms of participation. If you are interested in becoming a mentor, please contact Kathy Robbins at

How can I become listed in your Expert Directory?2022-03-18T18:09:51-04:00

To be listed in our Expert Directory, you must complete the application process and agree to the terms of participation. Contact Megan Way at to learn more.

How do I join the roundtables?2022-03-18T18:10:23-04:00

InUnison Roundtables are groups of three to five premium InUnison members who meet to solve one participant’s issue at a time. If you’re a premium member and would like to request a roundtable, click here.

Will you have events?2022-03-18T18:10:40-04:00

At this time, we are shifting to a new, more focused type of social gathering – one that is built around learning and relationship building. We want each encounter you make through your membership to be a meaningful one, which will help you become stronger as a business and unite us all as a community.

Are sponsorships available?2022-03-18T18:10:57-04:00

Many new, exciting opportunities are in the works at InUnison. Watch for details to come on InUnison sponsorships.

What if I have a question you haven’t answered here?2022-03-18T18:14:54-04:00

We’re always here to help.

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