Jacqui DePas Schlosser's headshot

Jacqui DePas Schlosser

It’s the most wonderful time of the year… to take pictures. Whether it’s snapping a picture of the changing fall colors in Virginia, or grabbing a family picture for an upcoming holiday card, fall seems to bring out the photographer in many of us. But for local Richmond area photographer, Jacqui DePas Schlosser, a second-generation professional photographer, every day is about getting that perfect shot— and she’s sharing her tips.

After studying at Hofstra University and the Corcoran, Schlosser apprenticed under some of the best photographers in the fashion and portrait industry in DC and New York before opening her own company, By Jacqui Photography, in 2012. In 2018 she and her family relocated to Richmond, where she’s been steadily building her client base ever since, focusing on portraits, headshots, product, and food photography.

Keep reading to get to know Jacqui, and learn her tips for snagging a great holiday photo, worthy of a Christmas card.

What’s your favorite type of photography session to shoot?
Can I name two types of sessions!?!  I love photographing headshots and food.  I get to work with people and then imamate objects. The perfect balance! 

What’s the best thing about being a photographer?
There are a lot of wonderful things about being a photographer. Every day is a different photoshoot, with different vendors, different clients, and different locations.  Owning your own business is stressful and overwhelming at times, but getting to do something that also brings you joy is worth all of the headaches. 

I love connecting with my clients and seeing their posture change, see their confidence build, and leave the session feeling great about themselves. 

What’s a “hidden” spot in Richmond to take great photos?
Libby Mill library has this perfect little space on the back side by the park.  Any little alleyway gives me all the vibes! I love texture – exposed bricks, cobblestones or gravel, graffiti (oh so good!!)

What’s your favorite thing to do in Richmond when you’re not working?
I love Richmond.  I wish we moved here years before.  In no other city I have lived can I can go see a play at Altria or a band at the National and leave 30 min before the curtain goes up. My husband and I like to have a date night bi-weekly to check out new (or at least new to us) restaurants in the area.  

What local business can you not live without?
Perk! Is on my way to the studio every morning,  and I enjoy picking up breakfast and a coffee on my way. It’s also a great place to grab some local products from other small businesses.  

The Apple Cart is owned by Barb Lamb.  She is an amazing friend and I love getting it work with her.  

Birdhouse Farmers Market is another great place that I can’t see myself without. Pick up some pasta from Oro, flowers from Hazel Witch Farm, and bread from Sub Rosa. 

What are three quick tips you would give families looking to take great photos for the upcoming holidays?

  1. Match, but don’t be matchy-matchy.  Pick a variety or colors that go well together.  (Personally, I am currently loving navy/pink/mustard color scheme.
  1. NO WHITE! The eye goes to the lightest part of the image. Ideally, it will be the eyes – not a shirt or pants. 
  1. Schedule the shoot for about an hour after nap time.  Feed little ones prior and bring a high-motivational snack.