The Freedom Seeker

Are you an entrepreneur who values control and freedom in every aspect of your business? You’re obsessed with the details, and the idea of reducing the time you have to work is a top priority. If this sounds like you, then the basic membership level at just $35/month may be your ideal fit.

With basic membership, you can learn and connect with fellow members on your own terms. This level provides the tools and resources you need to achieve your goals, without overwhelming you with unnecessary complexity. It’s the perfect balance between control and flexibility, designed for business owners who are frequently fighting the battle against time and resources.

Basic Membership offers:

  • A featured “Find Local” business listing

  • Access to the community forum where you can connect with other InUnison members
  • Full access to Learning Lab articles, workshops and courses
  • Locally owned certification
  • All in-person events are included in the price of your membership
  • Access for +2 users