From cherry blossoms to daffodils, pops of green around every corner, and vibrant tulips lining the sidewalks, Richmond truly shows off every spring. While the heat of the summer hasn’t yet arrived and the chill of winter is long gone, it’s the perfect chance to visit one of Richmond’s many parks. From secret pocket parks to sprawling grounds along the river, the city is home to an impressive collection of unique and welcoming outdoor spaces, all of which create the perfect backdrop for a springtime picnic. We’ve paired each park with a nearby locally-owned business for the perfect spring afternoon.

the rocks at Belle Isle in Richmond on the James River

Belle Isle

Belle Isle

The perfect destination for adventure-seekers. A day spent traversing the trails circling this “island” in the James River and dipping into the river in the shallow pools formed by the rocks is a quintessential Richmond experience. Pick up some goodies from Shyndigz Market to enjoy along the rocks. Downtown

Byrd Park

Generations of Richmonders have enjoyed a leisurely stroll along one of the three lakes or a friendly tennis match under the lights of Byrd Park. Enjoy this picturesque city park while sipping a smoothie or juice from The Beet Box or noshing on a bagel from Nates Bagels. The Fan

a small statue of liberty in a park

Chimborazo Park

Chimborazo Park

What was once the site of one of the world’s largest military hospitals, is today home to a sprawling dog-friendly hilltop park overlooking the city, as well as a miniature Statue of Liberty. Pick up a sweet treat from Honey Baked Bee or a to-go meal from The Hill Café for a perfect picnic. Church Hill


Pony Pasture Park and Huguenot Flatwater

From hiking to fishing, sunbathing to water sports, Pony Pasture and Huguenot Flatwater are idyllic escapes along the south side of the James River. Pick up a lunch from Stella’s Grocery at River Road Shopping Center and dine al fresco amongst the birds and waterfowl. Southside


Forest Hill Park

From private estate to amusement park, Forest Hill Park has undergone many changes in the hundreds of years since Richmond’s founding father, William Byrd III, once owned the lands. Today, the expansive park welcomes Richmonders for picnics, walks, pickleball games, farmers markets, and more. Pick up a sandwich or ice cream from Crossroads Coffee & Ice Cream to enjoy at the park. Southside

the view that named richmond at libby hill park with the river along a road and a tree

Libby Hill Park

Libby Hill Park

Visit “the view that named Richmond” at Libby Hill Park as well as one of the best places to catch a sunset in Richmond. Enjoy a New Zealand (sweet or savory) pie from Proper Pie or grab a French pastry from Whisk and have a charming picnic beneath the trees in the heart of Church Hill’s historic district. Church Hill

japanese gardens at maymont



The crown jewel amongst Richmond’s free parks, Maymont, once a private estate, today offers acres of paths flanked by native animal enclosures, stunning gardens, and friendly goats begging to be petted. Pick up a boxed lunch from Homemades by Suzanne at The John Marshall or Sally Bell’s Kitchen and find the perfect spot in a garden or post up around the stunning estate to enjoy a picturesque day. Oregon Hill


Meadow Park

A small but mighty neighborhood park nestled in the heart of the city, Meadow Park is perfect for enjoying a sandwich from Garnett’s Café and grabbing a book from the Little Free Library to enjoy on a blanket. The Fan 


Scuffletown Park

Situated in the heart of the fan at the cross-section of Strawberry, Stafford, and Park Streets with Stuart Avenue, this picturesque pocket park is the perfect urban oasis in the city. Pick up your favorite Italian delicacies from 8 ½  or enjoy a cone from Scoop. The Fan