As we welcome 2024 with open arms, the tradition of setting intentions for the new year is as relevant as ever. As always, local Richmond businesses are here to help as you focus on enriching experiences and personal growth in 2024. Here’s a list of intentions that could inspire your journey in the new year:


Run a Race with Richmond Sports Backers: Engage your competitive spirit and challenge yourself physically by participating in a race. From the marathon to the 5k, Richmond Sports Backers offers events for all levels, so choose one that suits you and start training.


Take Golf Lessons at Independence Golf Club: Whether you’re a beginner or looking to improve your swing, golf lessons at Independence Golf Club, a local public course, can be a peaceful way to spend time outdoors and learn a lifelong sport.


Join a Team at Richmond Volleyball Club: Volleyball isn’t just a fun beach activity, or for kids; it’s a great way to stay active, meet new people, and foster teamwork. Richmond Volleyball Club welcomes all skill levels.


Hike More with Walkabout Outfitter: Virginia’s trails await you. Make an intention to hike more and equip yourself with the right gear from Walkabout Outfitter to enhance the experience.


Learn About Virginia’s History at the Virginia Museum of History and Culture: Enrich your mind by delving into the past at the Virginia Museum of History and Culture – a museum dedicated to our commonwealth’s extensive and important past.


Take Time to Breathe with Transitions Float Spa: Self-care is crucial, and what better way to relax than floating away your stress at Transitions Float Spa? Make it a habit to take some time for yourself.


Learn an Instrument at The Music Tree: There’s nothing as transformative and powerful as the joy of music. Challenge your brain by learning to play an instrument at The Music Tree this year.


Learn Flower Arranging Tips from Strawberry Fields Flowers & Finds or The Freckled Flower Farm: Beautify your home and life by learning the art of flower arranging by taking a workshop at Strawberry Fields or The Freckled Flower Farm.


Grow More Food with Help from Southern States: There’s nothing quite like eating something you’ve grown yourself. Start small with a herb garden or go big with a vegetable plot, Southern States has everything you need to get started.


Learn to Dance at Rigby’s Jig Ballroom Dance: Whether you have two left feet or you’re a seasoned pro, there’s always a new dance to learn at Rigby’s Jig.


Reduce Plastic by Using Virginia Mercantile’s Refill Room: Be more environmentally conscious by reducing your plastic consumption. Refilling your household items at Virginia Mercantile’s Refill Room can be a great start.


Start Biking More Places with a Bike from Re-Cycles Bike Shop: Enjoy Richmond from a new perspective with a bike from Rec-Cycles Bike Shop. Perfect for the Capital Trail or Richmond’s bike lane.


Bake at Home with Pastry Base: Discover the joy of baking made easy with a LillyBean kit from Pastry Base – also available in gluten-free and vegan.


Make Something with Your Hands at Paint ‘N Play or Dances With Wool: There’s a unique satisfaction in creating something with your own hands. Whether it’s pottery or knitting, find a craft that excites you at Paint ‘N Play or Dances With Wool.


Move Your Body with Intention at Niche Pilates Studio: Pilates is a wonderful way to improve flexibility, strength, and mental awareness. If you’re interested in making moving with intention part of your routine for 2024, Niche Pilates Studio can help get you started.


Explore the World of Mocktails with Mother Shrub: Cutting down on alcohol? Mocktails can be just as exciting. Experimenting with different flavors and ingredients is easy with Mother Shrub’s extensive collection of drinking vinegars.


Send More Snail Mail with Beautiful Stationery from Merrymaker Fine Paper: In our digital world, receiving a handwritten card is special. Make someone’s day by sending thoughtful snail mail on beautiful stationery from Merrymaker Fine Paper.


Embrace More Natural Products with Mamie’s Apothecary: Transition to natural beauty and wellness products to take care of your body and the planet. Find swaps and get expert advice at Mamie’s Apothecary.