Walking around downtown Richmond and it’s clear that the city is coming back to life after two years of work-from-home. Office workers are returning to the city center and festivals and concerts are once again on full display on Brown’s Island. But for those looking to fill time between work and play, or for somewhere to go after a Brown’s Island event, we’ve rounded up a few of our favorite downtown spots. 

Capital Ale House

A true downtown OG, this is the Capital Ale House location that started it all. The two-story restaurant, complete with a courtyard beer garden and an attached concert hall, is perfect for whatever the day brings: from lunch with coworkers, to an after Friday Cheers beer, to a first date. 

The Tobacco Company

Speaking of OG’s, The Tobacco Company Restaurant, which first opened in 1977 in a Shockoe Slip tobacco warehouse dating back to 1866, remains the go-to place for client lunches and dinners, as well as after-work drinks. But Tobacco Company is also a great place to enjoy live music in a more relaxed atmosphere, grab a cocktail table or sit at the bar to enjoy live music most weekends. 

Casa del Barco

Perfectly situated along the Canal Walk, Casa del Barco’s renovated patio is the perfect place to meet up with friends before or after an event on Brown’s Island. Grab a table under the fully covered patio for a full meal, or head to the new container bar for a quick drink and bite to eat. 

First Freedom Center

For a quick bit of history squeezed in during your lunch break, pop into the Valentine Museum’s First Freedom Center in Shockoe Slip (connected to the Courtyard Marriott) for a free exploration of the past, present, and future exploration of religious freedom in America as first imagined by Thomas Jefferson when he drafted the Virginia Statute for Religious freedom in 1777, paving the way for the First Amendment. 

Tyler Potterfield Bridge

Affectionately called T. Pott, the T. Tyler Potterfield Bridge offers some of the best views in the city and is the perfect way to kill time before an event on Brown’s Island or to stretch your legs during lunch. Completed in 2016, the bridge connects Manchester to Brown’s Island while offering pedestrians and cyclists an up-close view of the skyline and the river below. The original section, located immediately off of Brown’s Island, also includes the installation, “Three Days in April 1865,” chronicling the fall of Richmond during the Civil War. 

Wick & Sip Candle Lounge

Looking to meet up with the girls after work? Check out the brand new Wick & Sip Candle Lounge. The perfect combination of self-care, at Wick & Sip you’ll get to create your own candle – selecting everything from the jar to the scent while enjoying wine, music, and good vibes.