We’re delighted to share news of a significant enhancement to InUnison memberships that adds substantial value to businesses. Beginning with the upcoming 2024 General Assembly session, InUnison memberships will now include full access to the benefits of the Virginia Retail Federation (VRF).

Here’s why this addition is noteworthy:

1. Amplifying the Collective Voice: InUnison has consistently demonstrated dedication to supporting local businesses in Central Virginia. Now, with VRF memberships, the collective voice gains a stronger presence at the legislature. VRF actively advocates for the interests of Virginia businesses, ensuring that the unique perspectives of local enterprises are acknowledged.

2. Expert Insights on Legislation: As we approach the 2024 General Assembly session, VRF provides access to expert insights into legislation impacting businesses in Virginia. Dedicated lobbyists will offer detailed analyses of each bill, breaking down implications and aiding in navigating potential challenges and opportunities.

3. Real-Time Legislative Updates: Stay informed with real-time updates on the status of legislation. Through VRF, we will provide information on bills supported, opposed, and those with potential business impacts. This timely information empowers informed decision-making and adaptation to the evolving legislative landscape.

4. Navigating Change as a Unified Front: The significance of 2024 lies in the emergence of new legislators. Change is inevitable, bringing both promise and uncertainty. VRF memberships ensure businesses are informed and well-prepared to navigate the shifting landscape with confidence.

5. Strengthening Local Business Advocacy: VRF’s commitment to representing the interests of local businesses aligns with InUnison’s mission. By uniting forces, the collective voice of Central Virginia businesses is strengthened, making a more significant impact on legislation shaping the local business environment.

To delve deeper into the values upheld by the Virginia Retail Federation, explore their new website and immerse yourself in the VRF Legislative Policy.

We are greatly appreciative of our InUnison members. This enhancement underscores the commitment to providing tools, resources, and representation essential for business success.